Fire Fighting System

we install a water fire extinguishing system,
water is the most used in extinguishing fires due to its availability and ease of use, because it is a safe extinguishing medium that is not harmful to the environment so are people in the place and does not cause damage to surfaces and does not react chemically with it compared to other means of extinguishing, and it has many uses in extinguishing fires and cooling Fuel tanks and the water fire extinguishing system is used in banks, factories, companies, hotels, cinemas and resorts through fire sprinklers, fire water risers, hydrant systems and fire boxes in the facilities.

Water fire extinguishing system components

  • water tank  with sufficient quantity for extinguishing, and its volume is calculated according to the water that we need to carry out the process of extinguishing the facility, according to the area
  • Fire pump set
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Fire boxes Siamese link
  • Fire hydrant

Foam fire system

How it works
  • Smothering the fire and preventing the mixing of air with vapors of flammable liquids.
  • Prevent liquid vapors from escalating and continuing to ignite.
  • Isolate the flame from the surface of the burning liquid because of its high resistance to fire.
  • Cooling of liquids and flammable materials as well as the adjacent metal surfaces due to the foam containing water.

When is the foam system used for extinguishing?

  •  Extinguishing flaming or burning liquids with a density less than that of water.
  • Protection from ignition of liquids spread or leaking on surfaces by covering them with a cohesive layer of foam.
  • Isolation and protection of surfaces exposed to transmitted heat by radiation.
  • Extinguishing surface fires of combustible materials of normal and high risk.

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