Fire Pump & Fire Hose Reel

Fire Pumps

A fire pump is a device that creates increased pressure in a water system, typically for use in fighting fires. The pump’s function is to move water from its source (typically a reservoir or well) to the fire site at higher pressure than the natural hydrostatic pressure would provide.

Fire pumps are commonly found in buildings that need fire protection, such as high-rises or storage warehouses. This blog post will review the different types of fire protection pumps and how they can be used in different situations.


The type of pump that you’ll need for your installation is based on the size of the equipment, so it’s important to carefully select which one will be best in order to avoid unnecessary costs or pressure-related installation damage.


If you don’t take the necessary factors into account, your pump installation could fail. For example, not achieving sufficient pressure requirements may result in needing a new pump installed.

Fire Hose Reel

The hose reel is a simple fire-fighting tool that can be used by the public to divert and control the spread of a fire. It is an important part of fire prevention as it helps control fires on a small scale.

When used by someone who is prepared for the situation, this firefighting equipment could save lives and properties.

A fire hose reel is a device used to store and release lengths of fire hose. When the reel is not in use, it is wound on the drum and can therefore be easily accessed.

it can be used as long as there is a water supply from the Fire Hose reel Water Tank or direct PUB supply.

Fire hose reel components
  • This is a hose reel set that includes the drum, hose, nozzle, nozzle clip and mounting bracket.

  • Hose reel cabinet (where provided)

  • Operating signs, labels and instructions

  • Pipes and fittings from the water source

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