Lighting Automation

Home lighting automation isn’t just a luxury anymore. Thanks to the declining cost and complexity, it is now more of a lifestyle item for many people. There are also controllers that are available for an affordable price. The revolutionary products are expected to be long lasting and improve the quality of life for those who live in complex homes with many rooms.

you can control all the lights in your home through your mobile phone, tablet, or touch screens that are fixed on the wall, by turning off or opening the lights, or controlling the brightness and colors of the lights as you wish, to create a wonderful atmosphere in your home.

The main idea behind this system is to provide convenience for the user and reduce energy consumption. It can also be used as a security measure by setting up light schedules or automatically turning on lights when someone enters the room.

The system can be configured to turn on when someone enters a room, or lights can be turned on automatically.

You can also go on vacation, schedule lights to turn on/off and make your home appear as if it’s occupied This is also helpful in emergencies where lighting is automatically activated to light the way out of your house.

Types of Systems:

The option of installing an entire home lighting control system is the highest level and includes a central controller, dimming rack and processor, along with other devices such as occupancy/motion sensors & telephone receivers. The scene controllers allow you to individually control lights at home according to the time of day. to integrate lighting with other systems.


  • The system can be wired or wireless. The wired ones are connected to a central panel with low-voltage wiring and controls for different lights all over the house.
  • Wireless systems can be configured in one of two ways: including a central controller or by using individual switches, dimmers and scene controllers, which communicate with each other wirelessly.

hardwired systems must be connected with additional low-voltage wiring to communicate commands, while wireless systems communicate wirelessly or via existing powerlines.

RGB lighting


You can control the lighting when you turn on your home theater to create the appropriate atmosphere for watching movies, you can control through your mobile phone or the touch screen installed in the wall..

company lighting automation

You can easily adjust the lights, whether to turn them on or off at specific times in all offices in your company. The lighting can also be linked to motion detection, so if a person is in the place, the lights will light up, and when he leaves, the lights will turn off automatically.

hotels lighting automation

Now hotel staff can control the lighting through a smart control panel that contains all the hotel’s lighting and is divided separately, but combined into one control panel that is easy to control instead of many switch lines that occupy a large area.
You can also adjust and program the brightness of the lights to work automatically, for example, in the morning, the degree of lighting is reduced to 50%, then at noon the lights are turned off, and at night the lights are lit by 100%, thus saving a lot of wasted energy and giving an aesthetic look as if it is part of the decor.
It is also possible to set the lighting on or off in a specific place when people enter or exit by linking the lighting system to the motion sensor.

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