Kitchenhood Wet Chemical Fire Suppression

Kitchenhood Wet Chemical Fire Suppression is a top quality wet chemical suppression system that is designed to protect modern commercial kitchens from potential threats like open flame, red hot cooking surfaces, and heavily grease-laden environments. This system complies with both the NFPA 96 and NFPA 17A Standards, making it one of the most reliable kitchen fire suppression systems on the market.

This system is used to extinguish kitchen hood fires resulting from the accumulation of grease in chimneys, or fires resulting from grills, frying pans, and stoves, which cause large fires in the kitchen. They are extinguished by wet chemical liquid.

Wet chemical Components of the fire extinguishing system :

  • Wet chemical liquid cylinder: The volume of the cylinder is determined according to the size of the hood to be extinguished and what is contained under the hood, by means of hydraulic calculations and in accordance with the NFPA code.
  • Control panel: It is the one that takes the signal from the fusible link and gives the order to empty the cylinder. Work is done inside the panel in a mechanical way and it has a manual arm to empty the liquid manually.
  • Pipeline network for discharging the liquid: The network for discharging the wet chemical liquid is extended according to the engineering design, which determines the number of nozzles above each device and in the hood openings, according to the NFPA code.
  • Fusible link: These are the fuses that are placed on the hood and fuse at a certain temperature. The temperature varies according to the temperature of the place and the device, and it is determined according to NFPA.

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